JS Care provides community based person centred care within 5 separate homes. We have a longstanding reputation for successfully working with service users when their previous placements have broken down. We are constantly looking for solutions to behaviours that challenge services. We are curious about behaviours and sometimes creative in how we resolve them. It’s how JS Care was built and why we have been selected as a capable environment under the Transforming Care Agenda. We are pioneering in our approaches and have taken some service users from long stay hospital, we are working with them on recovery- based principles and elastic tolerance. 

Our model of care is innovative as we have combined our previous experience of working with behaviour that challenges in LD with PIE, Positive Behavioural Support (PBS), Mental Health Recovery principles, in- house psychological interventions for service users including: adapted DBT for people with LD, Relaxation Therapies, Drama Therapy, Sensory Room and Art Therapy. We also provide occupational interventions such as engaging service users in work opportunities including being an ‘expert by experience’ consulting for the NHS.

We have built an exceptional staff team to work with these complex individuals by investing heavily in staff training and support. We have an in- house training manager that delivers the care certificate and mandatory training, a specialist mental health trainer onsite delivering on the job training and an area manager onsite that has BILD accreditation to deliver- Management of actual and physical aggression – foundation and advanced.


In addition to all of this, we provide Restorative Resilience Supervision for all staff which allows time for reflection and safe containment of feelings. We also run reflective practice groups after incidents so that staff can be supported and learning can be shared. This underpins our PIE approach and has enabled us to retain our excellent staff team.


We believe that the combination of all the above approaches is what makes us unique, creative and innovative and sets us apart from other providers. 




  • Teamwork – helping and supporting each other, working together to build resilience within our teams

  • Open communication – sharing information, using appropriate methods and communicating effectively

  • Being open and honest – demonstrating integrity, treating others with respect, doing the right thing, valuing difference and breaking down barriers

  • Continuous improvement and development – learning from our experience, open to new approaches and learning and growing from mistakes

  • Person Centred Approach – meeting needs of others, ensuring service users, families and partners are at the centre of our response and service delivery

  • Getting Things Done – being personally effective, planning, organising and leading, making things happen, committing to things and delivering

  • Being experts in our role – maintaining our understanding, demonstrating our skills, professional development, being experts in our own area, keeping up to date with our profession

  • Respect for Others – talking to and treating people as equals and with respect



  • We recognise that people experiencing crisis have the same rights to be treated as a valued citizen and will receive support by our service that offers complete respect for their dignity and unique worth as individuals

  • All people using our service will be supported to access an independent Advocacy Service.



  • Each person will have a holistic plan of interventions that is driven by the individual, focusing on the delivery of positive outcomes, facilitated by methods of communication which is appropriate to the individuals needs.




  • Promoting independence is a key aim of our service. Our initial presumption will be that of independence and people will be encouraged and supported to maintain and maximise their abilities whilst recognising the need for appropriate methods of intervention during times of crisis.




  • We will enable individuals to lead full and purposeful lives with encouragement and support to access mainstream service and engage in social activities and be part of the local community



  • To enable the people placed with us to lead full and purposeful lives within their local communities, through the provision of high- quality personalised care, integrated services and being service user and family focused.


  • To work with multi-disciplinary agencies, professionals and specialist services to ensure that people receive quality care which is focused and delivers positive outcomes to the people who use our service.

  • To provide high quality services focused on individual needs

  • To deliver individual and personalised care plans to meet the needs of those who access our services, ensuring they achieve and maximise their lives 

  •  To challenge and overcome barriers to ensure we deliver the high-quality service required

  • To continuously improve and develop the services we provide

  • To invest in further facilities to deliver more care opportunities supporting the Transforming Care Agenda and Registering the Right Support.



  • To raise the standards of care and support for people with learning disabilities

  • To ensure that our services do not infringe upon people’s intrinsic rights as individuals.

  • To provide training and development to enable employees and service users to achieve their full potential

  • To promote, encourage and enable individuals to develop and maintain independence

  • To ensure that those using our service are consulted and have more choice and control over their lives

  • To provide support, encouragement and assistance to carers

  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all


  • Our aim is to provide a flexible and accessible high-quality service which will support people with a learning disability to make choices and exercise control over their lives.



  • We place the right of people with learning disabilities at the forefront of our services.  Our actions and decisions will be guided by our commitment to the four key principles of ‘Valuing People’



We operate with values based recruitment. We employ people if they have the core conditions/ values of being person centred and we then invest heavily in staff training on Positive Behavioural Support, Autism, Mental Health Awareness, Suicide and Self- Harm, Personality Disorders, Complex Trauma, Self-awareness, Resilience and other Psychologically Informed Approaches (PIE)  We work collaboratively with the CTLD and Psychiatry with the aim of mental health recovery, reduction in behaviour that challenges including self -harm and reducing the amount of psychotropic medication that our service users have been prescribed in the past. We also work with the Intensive Support Team, but in line with our PIE approach, our support workers have been trained to use adapted DBT techniques for people with Learning Disabilities. This makes us less reliant on statutory services for psychological interventions. We also have a life skills coordinator who supports residents with full integration into the community, person centred activity and access to education and employment.                                       

We have worked collaboratively with NHS England, our local Transforming Care Partners, commissioners and CQC and have followed their guidance to provide the right care in the right environment with the least restrictive approach. We have returned people back to their families and communities after they have spent several years in secure hospital settings miles away from home. 



“JS Care are the only provider I use as an example of leading innovative, highly person centred and reflective services in my practice. I have worked closely with their services for around 4 years and they have consistently impressed with their values of being highly open and honest about the care they provide. JS Care have always, and are renowned across a wide area, for working closely with professionals and integrating the advice into their support. They not only do this but demonstrate a proactive and informed approach to attempting their own interventions and changes to attempt to meet people’s needs on a very responsive basis.


JS Care are highly professional and their investment in staff teams and training is evident when interacting with their services and managers. I have always felt confident they are fully skilled and competent in meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable and complex people with learning disabilities who can pose significant challenges to services. Their pioneering use of DBT and behavioural understanding places them as the most multifaceted and skilled provider I have the pleasure of working alongside.” 

Ian Bailey-Stevenson (RNLD)  

Kirklees Community LD IST                                                 

“JS Care have not lost the human touch. Their whole ethos is one of kindness and genuine concern for the people they support, therefore they have been successful in providing long terms placements for individuals that have previously had multiple placement breakdowns and long stays in hospital”


Dr Lindy Newton

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Intensive Support Team Lead

Wakefield IST LD



JS Care has been nominated in the Care Home Awards in the category of 'Best Specialist Care'

The presentation is on June 27th so check back to see how we got on.





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