Making A Referral

At JS Care we understand the requirement for the specialist services we provide and the pressure on Local Authorities and Commissioning Groups to place individuals with complex needs into capable environments. We also empathise with the stress that families can face when a loved one is waiting to be discharged from hospital or has been evicted from another failed placement. So we have a dedicated assessment team to ensure that each referral into our service is expertly handled. This enables a smooth referral system and gives you a single point of contact throughout the process. The assessment process is extremely thorough in order to ensure that we can fully meet needs and the person and their family are at the centre of that process.

If you would like to make a referral you can reach us on the contact page or email the referral team listed at the bottom of this page.

Development In your Area

We understand the growing need for specialist service provision required to: prevent further hospital admissions; provide forensic stepdown services; stop the revolving door of failed placements; counteract the closure of Assessment and Treatment Units and meet the targets of Transforming Care. 

If you wish to develop new services in your locality, please get in touch re joint working.

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What To Expect When Making A Referral

Each Assessment is carried out in a person- centred way for the service user and their family.

We have a 5 step process to our referral process:

1- Gather all individual information from the referring professional and track down any missing       information 

2- Contact the current placement to gather further information and meet with the individual

3- Involve the families throughout the process

4- Assess the physical environment we have and any further adaptations necessary to meet their needs

5- Build an individualised support plan based on the person's goals. 


Throughout this process we will provide an open and transparent view of how the assessment is going and how we can best support everyone to ensure that TRUST is developed from the first stages of the assessment. 


Want To Make A Referral Or Develop A Specialist Service In Your Area Contact-

Christopher Storer- Director

Jackie Storer- Director

Libby Lawrence- Psychological Support