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Supported Living 

We have registration for Supported Living and in line with our vision of helping more individuals with complex needs, our goal is to further develop this service. We have had experience of service users needing an emergency place from us when their supported living placements have failed. If the Supported Living Model is to work with the Transforming Care Programme, the provision must be psychologically informed. This means that landlords need to understand the the complexity of the tenants needs and their buildings need to be robust enough to contain them safely. In addition, the care and support provision also needs to be robust enough, which means that staff need to be highly skilled and receive professional training and restorative resilience supervision. We have a proven track record in skilled support provision and we will work collaboratively with landlords to ensure the Supported Living Model works.

In addition to providing care and support for people being discharged from hospital, Supported Living can also provide a stepdown from more secure community placements. The next step for many of our residential service users is to stepdown into supported living where they can manage their own tenancy and are responsible for their own bills and cost of living. Some of our service users who spent many years in hospital now have the skills and confidence to do this and will soon be ready to make this next move on their recovery journey into Supported Living.

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Supported Living Were Are We Now

 - Single Occupancy skilled support as a possible support option

  • Bespoke/ high level of training and skilled staff

  • Registered CQC only on individual personal activities basis

  • REACH standards in supported accommodation foundation to delivery and aspire to deliver beyond standard

  • Shared support available

  • Responsive personal team relationships important

  • Aspire for reduction in hours to live independently

  • Explore use of technology

  • Aspirational and outcome focused, personal support

Over the last 15 years we have focused on building our residential support developments however We are positioning our selves to developing high levels of quality support with in a supported living package


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